Sunday, June 28, 2009

Wide Angle Croc

As I am stuck in the office at the moment and do not see myself getting out for at least a few days I thought to go through some pics in our library and share the info on how it was taken and some other interesting snippets over the next few days. A while ago I met up with fellow photographers in the Limpopo province for a short photography trip. One of the most interesting subjects we encountered was this 1.5 meter crocodile. Initially we just snapped away and got the usual portrait shots that one expects when normally photographing a dangerous animal at a distance. Unlike every crocodile I encountered before, this one however didn’t seemed too worried with our presence and allowed a very close approach. Swapping the longer lenses for wide angles resulted in great pics of the animal in its environment. The cold temperatures might have had something to do with its lethargic responses as it slowed down the reptiles movements and at 1.5 meters the reptile looks much bigger through the wide angle than it really is. I never approve of gung ho attitudes where guides endanger the lives of animals, themselves or his guests yet the combination of all the above circumstances played in our favour that day.

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