Monday, May 13, 2013

Revisiting Mashatu

We managed to link up with these two cubs just as it got dark, a time when they start getting active. Just as the light from our spotlights and the last remaining ambient light balanced out the male yawned.

The year seems to rush past and its amazing to think that this would have been the fourth time that I visited the Tuli Block this year already. What was amazing for me was the fact that I got to see all its drama's from drought to heavy rains and the worst floods in 25 years (which nearly washed my car into Mozambique!!) to a spectacular verdant bush teeming with life. All of this during the first four months of the year. What made our last visit so spectacular was not only the quality of the sighting but also the quantity of creatures, something rarely found on a photographic trip. Here are a few images that I chose with a few ideas of why it stood out for me. As always a bug thanks to Shem for a fun time guiding together and not least a great group of people joining in the photography.

One my favorites form the trip. I chose this image as it epitomize the Tuli area as well as the social life of elephant. I love the comforting touch of the older calf, possibly a sister, on the back of the second
youngest one in the group.

We had some Crazy Leopard encounters!

During the course of our time there, no less than 6 individual leopards were seen. We managed to spend quite a bit of time with the two, seven month old cubs. Because I already had a great shot of both of them in the same frame in the bag, I went for the trickier motion blur image.
Our first sighting of lions were quite tricky photographically as all twelve of them were in dense vegetation. As the light faded some (mostly youngsters such as this one) crept into the sun.  
This is just a fun shot of a Saddle billed Stork loosing its meal. "Lucky Fish" :)

Lions interacting in golden Light! What more can a photographer ask for?

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