Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Africa premier Safari

End of June this year I hosted a fantastic trip all over Africa. An incredible safari jetting from one spectacular destination to the next. Victoria Falls, Chobe river boat cruizes, the Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater and lake Manyara National Park.  Seven flights, two boat trips, one Jetboat, one Hot air balloon trip, an elephant back safari, three countries, the big five and then the usual African cultural and biological diversity to add to the mix.  Here are a few images of our trip.
Our Safari started in the very smart Shongololo lounge waiting to board the flight to Livingstone
The first wildlife encounter on the Main road in Livingstone. 

Unique view of the worlds largest waterfall. the Victoria Falls from above the falls at Livingstone island.

Grumeti Elephant herd

After a long search me managed to find this Leopard at night, our second sighting of the most elusive of Africa's cats.

Doing wjhat lions do best. Relaxing!

View from our Hot Air Balloon. 

What the guests had to say.

June 2013
Dear Albie

Thank you so much for your generous hospitality. Your knowledge and love of Africa is simply amazing and has inspired us to come back again and again. Youyr kind gentle spirit serves you well as a tour guide and in life. You have truly made this once in a lifetime family vacation very special. You have been part of memories that will last a lifetime! Who will ever forget the Leopard and black Rhino adventures ??!  S&K T, Seattle Washington, USA.

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