Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Photographing the African Wilddog

On our first afternoon we were treated to the entire pack leaving the den and passing leisurely within meters of us. 
Since 2010 I have been photographing the Wilddog packs of Northern Kenya and for the first time we had a dedicated photographic safari through C4 images and Safaris to this unfenced and vast wilderness in search of one of Africa’s most endangered predators. Here are some images of what we got in terms of photographic opportunities. 

Following Dogs is always full of adrenalin. They are always doing something and we had them on kills every single drive. 

Out on an afternoon hunt and young male poses briefly in stunning light. 

A straggler keeping up with the pack. 
When having one of Africa's most endangered predators to photograph there isn't much to distract you but bumping a mother and cub Cheetah was certainly a worthwhile diversion. We had the entire afternoon with them as they hunted and even chased the odd Jackal. 
Another unfortunate Dik-dik antelope.  
Young dogs playing after an Impala kill. 
The dogs come to investigate a remote camera.
And here is the  result.
Breakfast at Laikipia Wilderness Camp.
Our Rooms overlook fantastic wilderness areas. 
I will be visiting a a number of other African Wilddog Populations in Botswana and Zimbabwe including this Kenyan one in Laikipia through the course of 2014. So if you would like to join a scheduled trip or would like to book your own private safari please contact me here. These trips are incredibly popular so the sooner you contact me the better in order to secure your dates.

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lals said...

Beautiful, healthy pack, lovely shots!