Friday, March 24, 2017

Southern Kalahari Wildlife Photography - Part 2

The ochre dust makes for some remarkable landscapes.

Then it was off to the second stop of our Kalahari safari after a wonderful few days in the National Park. Still searching for our rare and seldom seen animals we were very excited to hear that a pair of Cape Foxes were denning right outside the guest rooms. These guys provided great photography over the next five days.
Cape Fox puppies at a den, a southern African endemic mammal. 

Tswalu is the best place in the world to see the very secretive Pangolin.

Even when making the booking it felt silly stating under "Special Requests" we would like to see and photograph pangolin. Remarkable Tswalu have figured out the recipe of tracking these, one of Africa's most tricky mammals to see. Over the five days we were there we saw no less than 4 individuals!!

Black Rhinoceros mom with baby

A Meerkat family warming up at the den before setting off for the days foraging. 
The rare and special animals just kept coming. We saw a few black Rhinos some skittish and some quite relaxed. Whats interesting is that the subspecies found at Tswalu is of the desert or south-western subspecies. One of their distinguishing features being that both horns are the same length.

A Cape Cobra! Probable not going to convince many people to come on safari but a very special sighting indeed. Not often one get to see these guys up close!
A Burchell's Sandsgrouse taking off. 
O yes, of course there were lions. I almost forgot :)
Lioness walking through backlit bushman's Grass looking for a  cub hidden from view. 

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