Monday, October 16, 2017

Family Safari. Timbavati and Blyde Canyon

Sunset over the Three Rondavels.
The Hebbes family visited us from the UK in August. Their safari stared out in the Timbavati and ended with three days in the Blyde Canyon where they explored both the wild eastern side of the canyon as well as the incredibly scenic western walls of the canyon. 

12 year old Ethan explains: 

My experience of the safari camp Umlani was of happiness and fascination. Everything we wanted was always right there whether it was a hot chocolate to start the day or some expert advice and knowledge from the rangers. Umlani was a more traditional camp which was one of the best things about it. In the small wood and thatched huts, we were always close to the bush.

Have a look at Ethans video of the wilddogs of Umlani:

My experience of all of the animal viewings will stay with me forever, from the cackling spotted hyenas to the graceful elephants. Some of the most exciting encounters were: Coming within 5m of multiple leopards; seeing the rare and endangered Ground Hornbills; watching as a massive group of hyenas stole food from under some lions’ noses and of course being mock charged by some baby elephants while their mothers looked on in despair! Possibly my favourite experience was of watching wild dogs trot along the road sniffing out their prey and never stopping no matter what came into their paths. To anyone who is reading this, I think that you should come to South Africa and create these memories and share them with those that you love.

Some Blyde River Fun.

After the wilds of the Timbavati, the next stop was the Blyde River Canyon. We love taking our guests to the Moholoholo Wildlife Rehabilitations Centre. This world renowned centre has rehabilitated wildlife since 1992 and keep on doing wonderful work. In addition to offering guests the opportunity to experience the realities of what wildlife face at the hands of man, at also affords them the chance to see may species, including those seldom seen, at close quarters.

8 year old Anna feeding a vulture almost larger than herself. 

Close-up views of Africa's most colorful eagle - a Bateleur. 

Fun in the forests. 

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