Friday, May 11, 2018

Wildlife Photography for the kids!

Photography is not only a great hobby but also a valuable tool in today’s highly visual lifestyle we lead. Facebook, Instagram and a host of other platform allow photographers to showcase their craft while communicating interesting or important ideas, news and messages. Additionally it is not limited to a certain subject and one can pretty much photograph anything visible. Add creative flair and all of a sudden one enters the realm of art.

Photographing wildlife is certainly some of the most exciting genres of this craft. Imagine trying to capture a big, black-maned lion’s stare while he is strolling straight towards you or trying to get a clear image of a young leopard cub in dense undergrowth and you will agree with me.

The beauty is that kids can also get involved. It is very interesting and satisfying to see the development of this skill. At first a mere photo does the job but as skills are learned over a few day the bar is raised and al of a sudden everyone becomes more critical about light, composition and all the other aspects making a great photo. And without realizing it, kids learn a valuable skill, which may come in handy later in life, all while having lots of fun. Have a look at the below selection of great pictures taken by some of our young guests on a recent family photo safari.

And remember – you don’t have to buy all these expensive gear when trying your hand at wildlife photography. We do rentals!

Harry Brown.

Harry in action!

Ground level view of a majestic elephant bull drinking. 

A decisive action image of a Tawny Eagle taking off. Note how the habitat is captured in this shot.

An intimate moment between a mother Cheetah and her cub
A clear view of a leopard cub in dense grass.
Yet another great capture of mother and cub interaction. This time a Spotted Hyena. 

Mason Brown

The winner of our friendly competition!

Mason in action.

Need I say more. What a shot!

A cure moment as a baby baboon glance back at the photographer. 

Superb action as an elephant descends a steep riverbank. 

Enter the realm of fine art.

Another striking black and white conversion of a Hyena cub. 

Levi Brown

Levi in action.

Need we say more - What a great action image!

Retaining the color in the images Levi still managed to capture a great arty image. 

Small things like this water droplets elevates a normal image to new hights. 

One of the best compositions of the entire safari as a nesting White-fronted Bee-eater returns to its perch. 

Levi was the only one who managed to capture a rare African Wildcat in very difficult lighting conditions. 

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