Monday, August 13, 2018

African Private Safari- Kenya, Zambia and Botswana.

Below are some images from a privately guided safari through some of East and Southern Africa's finest wildernesses. Words falls grossly short when trying to account for each day on this very eventful and enjoyable safari so I will only mention some of highlights and hope that the images and guest comments scattered through the post will do the rest:

  • Arriving at Ol Jogi to hundreds of animals in front of the lodge including Gerenuk, Reticulated Giraffe, Gevy's Zebra and Beisa Oryx. 
  • The big five on day one including Black Rhino, mating Lions, a leopard with the most amazing yellow eyes, driving back from Bush dinner and bumping a large male lions strolling down the same path as us.
  • Lions killing a zebra 600 meters from camp shortly after arriving in the Maasai Mara. 
  • The second leopard of the trip strolling non-chalantly within inches of our car. 
  • Witnessing from start to finish five (yes five!!) cheetah killing a wildebeest on the grass plains.
  • Bumping into Jane Goodhall at Wilson airport in Nairobi. 
  • Surrounded by dozens of Elephants crossing the Chobe river in the most stunning afternoon light.
  • Six leopards in total on this safari including a hige male sprwled on a branch in an ancient tree in the Okavango delta. 
  • Guest catching two great Tiger Fish - and me none!!

Ol Jogi - Laikipia

Reticulated Giraffe from a ground level hide. 

The first of six Leopard we saw on safari. 

Getting to know the conservation challenges faced by wildlife in Africa. 

Grevy's Zebra.

Bizarre looking Gerenuk antelope. 

Luch stop, overlooking the Laikipia Plateau. 

House guest!!

Mara Expedition Camp - Maasai Mara

Not even at camp yet, a pride caught a Zebra 600 meters from camp.

Right in the action, Great Plains Mara Expedition tented camp. 

A young leopard with striking blue-green eyes. 

And not shy of vehicles - she walked straight through camp later that night. 

A great way to see the great savannah. 

Observing 5 cheetah shortly after their successful Wildebeest Kill. 

How we roll. 


More conservation insights in Nairobi. 

Victoria Falls - Livingstone

Victoria Falls from Livingstone Island. 

Chobe Chilwero - Chobe River

Elephant viewing on the Chobe river. 

Cooling off during late morning. 

Chobe offers some of the best Hippo viewing. 

More ellies. 

Vumbura Plains - Okavango Delta

The pose everyone is looking for on safari!

Lioness portrait. 

Exploring the Delta's channels. 

Yes, that is a road. 

Vumbura Campfire. 

Red Lechwe

Safari in Style. 
Excerpts from our guest book:

Thank you yet again for another fantastic trip. For me the highlight us hearing and seeing Africa come alive in my family experiencing it for the first time. I can't imgine doing Africa without you. Take good care - S.T - Seattle. 

Thank you for guiding us through this amazing trip. I really hope  to see you soon, H. C. (12 years old).

... you make it look so easy. We have enjoyed our travel immensely. Thank you for keeping me fed :). Can't wait till our next adventure.  A. C 

I am gratefull for your guidance through this experience of a lifetime. Your passion for this beatiful land, people, animals and culture come though in all you have said and done this week. To have had fun with my family has been awesome, just awesome! Thank you for your many kindnesses shown to me - you have made many activities possible for me. Many - so many wonderful memories. Fondly, A. A. 

I can't express the gratitude I have for all you did to make my families trip one we will remember for a lifetime. Life is a series of memories, experiences and friends made along the way. You are a friend. Our time together was very special. And I will never forget the fishing trip. M.C. 

Words can't express what a wonderful, magnificent time I have had. What a wonderful person you are to be part of our family for a few days to show us this absolutely beautiful country. Thank you so very much for everything you have done for us. L.W.  

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