Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Maasai Mara Migration Safari 2018

Opportunity can often come in the most unexpected forms. Often overlooked this secretary bird in great early morning light created a strikingly moody image. 
I suppose it was bound to happen. Going on a migration safari without any migration. Well during 2018 it happened. Prior to arriving I heard that the herds had unexpectedly moved on after a stay of only a few weeks. To say that we were not disappointed would be untrue. It is after all one of the world’s wildlife spectacles and when travelling halfway across the globe to see millions of wildebeest without many around certainly left its mark. However, not all was lost. The Mara is a wildlife hotspot and we did manage to see one very small group of wildebeest crossing the Mara river as well as the vast variety of predators and other wildlife making this region their home

There are already safaris planned for 2019 both for independent travelers, guided private photographic safaris and cost effective scheduled photographic trips. And its not only during the migration season either. The Mara out of season is largely devoid of people while still home to spectacular numbers of wildlife and we are indeed hosting a few safaris over that time. Do get in touch now if you wish to visit this remarkable region.

Other wildlife was spectacular as usual. Below some images from our safari.

The only crossing of the safari. A small group of wildebeest crossing the Mara river. 

Dramatic backlighting on a Giraffe at sunset. 

A leopardess walking through the grassland. 

The big cats are always a hit!

We found these two males, part of a three male coalition early one morning. The third brother is out of sight.   

Quintessential Mara. 
Possibly the most difficult thing to photograph are the vast herds. This group of Topi were part of a vast herd, most of which were out of sight.  

Backlit Topi. 

Birdwatching in camp in-between drives is spectacular. Schallow's Turaco unusually out in the open.

Another campsite special. The male Brown-throated Wattle-eye. 

Images on safari.  

Lessons from (or to) the locals.

Al fresco breakfast. 

Its possible to avoid the crowds.

Getting the shot.
Getting up close with Cheetah. 
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