Thursday, January 23, 2020

Guest Gallery - Barbara Jensen

Have a look at this stunning collection of images that our guest Barbara Jensen put together from our Creative Wildlife Photography workshop which was hosted during November 2019. She also shares a few of her eloquent thoughts on her deep love of Africa. Contact us if you wish to join the next photo workshop. 

I wish I knew who coined the phrase “In Africa my beginning, in Africa my end …” but it always jumps to mind when I spend time in the African bush. I love photography but I love being in the bush more. There are time where I just sit back and enjoy the scene without even picking up the camera. We are very fortunate to spend more time in the African bush (or savannah) than most people and not a time goes by that I do not realise and deeply appreciate how blessed we are – what most people see on television, we live. Spending time on an Africa Unlocked safari is extra special not only because of the superb logistical arrangements but you also get to spend some time with one of my favourite “bush man” – Albie Venter.

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