Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Pafuri - Kipling's Africa


This land of legends with its wild and remote atmosphere, dramatic landscapes, history both ancient and more recent is certainly one of the most enchanting stretches of wilderness in Southern Africa. In this secluded corner, EcoTraining, has one of its camps and its a pleasure and honor to have a close association which spans more than a decade with the leader in African guide training.   


I hosted a wilderness photographic course during September. After a long and dry winter September is normally a very dry time of year yet offers superb photographic opportunities. Animals, notably the vast herds of elephant concentrate along the live-giving rivers where clouds of dust towering several meters high are kicked up by their interactions such as feeding, bathing and other antics. A wildlife rich arena offering fantastic photo opportunities. 


While on the subject, these dusty conditions filter out the suns rays and the light remains very good for a long time both after sunset and at dusk – a photographic Valhalla .  Combine ancient Baobabs threes, still leafless after the winter months clawing at the cloudless sky during the day and grasping for the milky way at night. Enchanting.  


It was a privilege to photograph this special place with wonderful guests, all of whom I consider friends now. And, as always, I am waiting in anticipation to head back to this fascinating place again in the not too distant future. 


Below are some images from our trip.

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