Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Forest Landscape

As I waited for the gate to open the most incrdible light filtered into the gorge. As they say make hay while the sun shines!
Landscape photography has always been my least favourite part of photography. The simple reason being that through a wide angle lens I always seemed to loose the detail in the background as a result of the distorted angle. There are some stunning forests in the Canyon at the back of our house, yet still, I could never seem to do any scenes justice in the six months that we lived in the Canyon. That is until I experimented with some panoramic shots using a 35 mm lens and stitching the pics together afterwards. That gives me a 50mm equivalent which is pretty much the magnification through normal vision. In my admittedly limited experience I find that, because you cannot view the scene through a viewfinder you have to envisage it before you and imagine how it will look like once stitched. Lots of tricks I am still learning but here are some sample pics.

A forest stream through a normal 12 mm lens.

Forest footpath. I find that the cleaner the image the better it displays. Clutter kills these kind of shots for me. One must try and image the scene withou the benefot of a viewfinder.

Dilapidated Bridge. Note how you loose the effect once the scene becomes too cluttered.

Another shot of the Bridge. The Cleaner shots works better in my opinion.


African Tour said...

Wow, I am in awe. Great photos!

troskie3 said...

nog nie hierdie pics gesien nie, great shots my maat, that wide angle of yours is proving to be worth its weight in gold...