Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Purpose of Play

It is cited by science that play in young animals mirror behaviour vital for survival or the lifestyle as an adult. Lion, Leopard and other predator cubs play with their mother’s tail or chase one another, activities that will enable them to make a successful kill as adults. Antelope youngsters in turn would dart across the plains dodging and swerving, honing skills that will allow them to avoid a predator in hot pursuit. I photographed this week old White Rhino calf early one morning in a boisterous mood. If one goes with the above logic, what adult behaviour would this then reflect? In more than a decade I have never witnessed adult Rhino’s behaving in any similar way. The question then begs: Do animals sometime not just play for the fun? What is your opinion?

It contunued backwards and forwards throughout the morning in a playfull canter.
If such a thing is possible I am sure I can see a smile on this ones face.

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Must be! Lekker Pics A!