Saturday, March 27, 2010

Kruger National Park

As I have said before the Kruger National Park must be by far one of the best, if not the best, value for money wildlife destinations on the continent. Yes there may be areas where you will be overrun by tourists (same as many other African destinations) but if you know where to go it is easy to avoid the crowds. For instance the many secondary roads that offers great game viewing with very little traffic and there were times that I drove for miles without seeing any other vehicle. Here are some pics from one of our recent visits.

Daybreak announces a respite from the dangers of the night yet this male Impala remains vigilant.

Spotted Hyena shortly after a mid morning drink and bath.

Although it was the end of March and nearing the end of summer many of the migrants such as this European Roller were still present in good numbers.

And I always find it very encouraging to see the large raptors - an indication of a still (largely) intact ecosystem.
A delicate male Steenbok.
A sleepy Black-Backed Jackal before the start of his nocturnal foray.

Obiquitous throuhough the park, a Burchell's starling announced nightfall.

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