Friday, October 22, 2010

Maasai Mara in Action

A crocs view of a herd of wildebeest crossing the Mara river in front of camp

In my opinion October must be the best time to go to Kenya’s Maasai Mara. The weather is generally much drier that a few months earlier while many of the concentrations of people that came to see the migration have already gone. It does however also mean that the chance is good that the migration herds have also gone. But on our approach to Ol Kiombo airstrip it became apparent that the herds are still around – probably as a result of some late rains on the Mara. Meaning that we get the chance to see crossings! Although there are much more to the Mara than just crossings its understandable that it’s a highlight for many. And none better than a private crossing right in front of camp. In two years living in the Mara and never having this view I made sure to get the eye level perspective I always wanted. The highlights are really too many to mention but one worth mentioning is spending the week there observing the adventures of a mom cheetah and her six cubs. Indeed a privilege to get the chance to spend time with these animals to see what they get up to and not just a mere glimpse as can be the case in other parts of Africa. Here follows some pics from the trip and I hope it can convey in a small the wonder of this fantastic region. Then lastly to everyone who joined us – thanks for all the laughs!! Below follow some pics of the last C4 images and Safaris trip.

PS Jan I am really sorry I nearly lobbed elephant dung on you and Chris I am really sorry I missed you.

Zebra stallions battling it out on the plains.

A Black Backed Jackal pup at first light.

Aggressive Lioness.

We were privileged to follow the adventures of this family of cheetah throughout the week we were in the Mara.

Cheetah cubs in playful mood.

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