Monday, November 1, 2010

Birds of the Mara

We all head for the Mara because of the fantastic predators and the legendary migration. But the excitement doesn't stop there. Here are just a quick selection of pics of the birds of the area, and believe me this doesn't even start to do justice to whats around.

The many kill sites creates the perfect area to observe the antics of up to five different species of cultures.

The enormous Kori Bustard strolling along the plains.

While a Saddle Billed stork puts up a display for the cameras.
A Highly unusual sighting of the normally forest dwelling and secretive Black Sparrowhawk out in the open with its kill.

And not to be outdone by the heavies, beauties such as the Purple Grenadier (above) and my personal favorite, the Brown-throated Watlle-eye (below) also put in regular appearances.

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