Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Chiefs Camp Okavango Delta.

Quintessential Okavango!!

It seems like the bars are continuously raised on the C4 safaris. Not even the heat of Chiefs Island could dampen anyone’s adventurous spirit as we disembarked the Cesna Caravan at Chiefs Camp’s bush airstrip in the middle of absolute supreme wilderness.

Nothing beats a sunrize with lion cub in the forground!
Birding is always phenomenal in the Delta. Slaty Egrets on every drive, Wattled Cranes and Black coucals to name but a few.

A Slaty Egret, rare in SA, on the hunt.

What better position to photograph this amazing place than from the frog's eye perspective of your Mokoro!
Once settled into our quite spectacular rooms it now feels like the adventure never stopped until our return to Jo’ies four days later. Everything from leopards carrying new born cubs to intricate painted reed frogs kept everyone busy with photographic opportunities jumping at you around every corner (if you’ll excuse the wisecrack).

The wish that came true.
Every photographer has a wish list, often not the easiest of subjects. But when Trevor wished for a leopard on a termite mound you can’t help smiling when one actually peer straight at the lens from atop one. Surreal stuff! The only real problem everyone had was not finding enough time to capture it all and unanimously everyone wished for more time in the Delta. Hopefully this will come in the not too distant future. All of you, who made our time so much fun, as always from Isak and me, thanks a mill!! It can never be fun without great guests and we are looking forward hosting you all soon when we catch up in the sticks.

Now for some arty black and white shots of familiar subjects.

A lion cub and his sibling staring at the motordrives going berzerk on our vehicle parked closeby!

If there's two things you'll see a lot of its water and elephants!
And then I made it a bit of a pet project to photograph the hundreds of reed frogs around camp.

Hyperolius forgotitsnameius? Slender reed frog or something?

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