Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Wilddogs Crossing Flooding River

Its been the third year running that I have been visiting Sosian Lodge on the Laikipia plateau in the rainshadow of mount Kenya in northern Kenya. What grabbed me at first, three years ago, was the unique wildlife, anything from birds and mammals to reptiles and amphibians unique to the area. But after photographing most of it I am still fascinated by what the area delivers. The most rewarding part however is that one gets involved in the daily life of the wildlife you follow. And it’s no mystery that the African Wilddogs of the region is incredible and certainly my favourites. I had one shot in mind this trip though. In order to access their entire territory the dogs are forced to cross often flooding rivers. And it was exactly that high drama I wished to photograph. Although I had photographed Wilddog crossings before it has always been from a steep bank and the intenseness of the scene was lost. What I wanted was eye level action. Normally an anticipated shot only happens weeks into a shoot after days of fruitless pursuit, yet this time on only the third day after my arrival the whole pack crossed as one unit in a flooded section of the river. As soon as I dashed down to the rivers edge the first dog had started crossing. Within seconds the action was finished but at least some pics were in the bag.    

The most daring or experienced takes the first plunge and start for the opposite bank.

Intensity of crossing a flooded river.

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Gowri said...

Wow, this is an unbelievable phenomenon! Just goes to show how there is always something to take your breath away in the African wilderness! Thank you for sharing this experience. The photographs do justice to the incredible species that the African Wild Dog is!