Monday, September 10, 2012

Lowveld Private Safari

This past weekend (7 – 9 Sept) I had the privilege to host a private photographic safari right on my own doorstep in the South African Lowveld. And what a treat. Friday afternoon strarted somewhat wet. Ok we got totally drenched on our first drive and basically made piece with the fact that we will be photographing frogs in the lodge gardens for the remainder of the weekend. It all turned for the better on Saturday morning though and soon we were raking in the sightings which just kept coming right till we had to leave Sunday morning. Four fo the big five plus cheetah and wilddogs put in an appearance as well as the countless other inhabitants if this region. Below a few pics from the weekend

Our first sighting was of this female and her large cub. Serendipitously the cub came to lie down right next to mom from where they posed for us photographers.

We found no less than six individual Cheetah, all of which were in very photogenic positions. Here one stalks towards the vehicle.

Remarkably we also found Africas second most endangered carnivore, African Wilddogs and to top that a litter of nine pups.

A portrait of the ubiquitous White Rhino.
Resting the shutter fingers. Manus and Ursula, who made it such a pleasurable weekend. It was a pleasure sharing this all with people not only interested in photography but who also has a keen love for their subject. Looking forward to many more

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Gowri said...

Wonderful sightings! As photographers, we all love the sunny weather with great light; rain also reduces the chances of sightings drastically...more often than not. But your post is a beautiful illustration of why we shouldn't be pessimistic and the much cliched but true thought that the wilderness always has surprises in store.

Great post!