Thursday, October 29, 2015

Guest Images - Jackie Strong

I met Jackie in 2014 on a safari to Nakuru, Maasai Mara and Laikipia. We hit it off immediately and had a great two weeks in the bush. Obviously the combination of her absolute love of Africa and photography made it even easier as we had so much in common. Laying down and mastering the basics of photography on the first trip, we took it further on the second safari to Mashatu, the Timbavati  and Mala Mala.  I get a great kick out of seeing someone's photography develop and am happy (and quite proud) to present a small selection of her images from the last safari. 

Our first safari together in the Maasai Mara. Except for photography the best thing on safari...sundowners!!
Elephant in the Majale River in Mashatu

Textures of a Leopard against a fallen Nyalaberry tree in Mashatu.
Early morning Rhino which three rangers managed to miss and eventually found by Jackie.
Getting Creative with Elephant at night.

Combining artificial and natural light during the "blue hour" just before darkness overtook the scene. 

A young male giving some attitude in great afternoon light
From the guest book, I leave you with Jackie's comments from her trip:

Albie and I met last year through the recommendation of the travel agent who had organised my trips to Africa for several years.  I was a happy snapper of African wild life with. pretensions to be better,  Albie was a professional photographer and wild life guide based in South fAfrica - a match made in heaven and so it proved.  I sometimes don't  recognise my own photographs now.   He has patiently and clearly walked me through an improvement programme and we had fun whilst doing it.  I am now on my second safari with Albie, my  photographic technique has improved and I would recommend his services unreservedly.".

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